In 11th Century Scotland when witches ruled the night, fairies danced among the stone circles, and all manner of mystical beings roamed the forests, a would-be hero encounters a host of strange creatures on his quest to defeat an ancient witch determined to destroy his family.

From the Award Winning Author of The Brazen Serpent  comes


Rise of the Hunter

The Blood Chronicles - Volume 2


Drustan - The handsome hero who is to become known as "The Witch Hunter" and later as simply Hunter.  He is the eldest son of Isobal (Sibby) and a Viking warrior.  Trained by his step-father in the art of war, he is a natural swordsman and gifted archer who is "as skilled a marksman as the god Apollo himself".  Young, self-assured and sometimes arrogant, Drustan hungers for adventure and more importantly, he yearns to prove himself to be more than just his father's son.

Isobal - Known affectionately as "Sibby" she is what is known as one of the "wise folk"; someone who is knowledgeable and skilled in the mystic arts of the ancient Druids.  Also called a sage, or white witch, Sibby is an old friend and now enemy of Mora.  Her skills and powers are used for good, but when Mora threatens Sibby's peaceful home, war begins.

Mora/Etta - The most evil and most powerful black witch in the known world.  She is more than 700 years old and longs for eternal life, not as the living dead like the vampires, but as a human woman.  Using the magical power of captured fairies, Mora created a new realm that lies between the mortal world and the fairy realm.  From this world of Between, she seeks to conquer both the fairy and the mortal realms.  Her evil is boundless, willing to kill and murder even her own coven members to achieve her wicked goals.   

Raum - Father to the vampire clan and reluctant ally of Mora.  He is a cruel and brutal predator when it comes to mankind, but a loving and protective father to his 'children'.  He hates all living creatures especially witches and humans.

Laine - Right hand and most trusted ally to Mora.  She is as powerful and deadly as she is ugly.  Living for centuries through black magic, she is a disgusting old hag with a stench that, according to Raum, "offends even the dead."

Gib - One of the last remaining wulvers in Scotland and friend to Drustan.  He is a rare creature with a man's body covered in dense fur and a wolf's head.   Unlike his werewolf cousins, wulvers are not shapeshifters and are non-aggressive.  They are kind and gentle and keep to themselves unless the are bothered or threatened.  Gib, like all wulvers, has a love of fishing and a deep sense of loyalty to their friends. 

Aster - Aster is an impish fairy of the Seelie Court.  While she tends to be harmless, she loves playing tricks on humans and sometimes does not understand the danger in her pranks.  Very curious and flirtatious at times, she becomes an ally of Drustan and possibly has a slight crush on him.

The Seelie Court Fairies - The Seelie Court Fairies are the fairies of light.  They are generally good-natured and light hearted, forgetting their sorrows quickly.  They can offer aid to humans and also seek help from those men they trust, but they can also be prone to mischief.  They are known for playing tricks on humans and not realizing how they might be affecting the humans they play pranks on. 

The Sluagh (The Underfolk) ​- The Sluagh, also known as the "underfolk" and "the horde" are the most vile and vicious creatures imaginable.  They are believed to be akin to fairies but with no reason, no loyalty and no mercy.   They prey on humans, specifically human souls with a propensity for those who are distraught and hopeless.   Huddling and hiding in forgotten and dark places, they lay in wait for sunset, then take to the sky in a vast and ominous flock that to the unsuspecting appears as a large flock of blackbirds.  Traveling from the West, the sluagh are drawn to those in despair, but once they descend they will feed like locust, consuming all souls within their path. 

Ghost, the Kelpie - Ghost was the so-called beautiful stallion that was gifted to Drustan by the fairy Aster. Like most fairy gifts, Ghost turned out to be a curse rather than a blessing.  Rather than being a horse, Ghost was a vicious kelpie, a water demon that feeds on human flesh. 

The Redcap Goblin​ -  The Redcap is a type of malevolent, murderous dwarf or goblin.  They are said to inhabit ruined castles between England and Scotland and hunt unsuspecting travelers who stray into their homes.  They brutally murder their victims and use the blood to dye their hats.  Redcaps must kill regularly to prevent their caps from drying out, else they die.  Redcaps wield an iron pike and are very fast in spite of the iron boots they wear. Outrunning a redcap is supposedly impossible.

The Bean Nighe - The bean nighe is Scottish-Gaelic for "washer woman".  She is a type of fairy and also cousin to the banshee.  Generally appearing as an old hag, she wanders near streams where she washes the bloody shrouds of those who are about to die.  She is seen as an omen of death, and if confronted politely she may reveal the names of those whose clothing she washes.