Ex-marine, current police officer, and all-America hero type.  Jesup is despondent after the death of his wife and son.  Unable to heal from the loss, he walks the city streets late at night taunting fate looking for a release from his agony.  When finally confronted with death, he finds it to be far more sinister than he imagined. 

     He cocked the hammer and placed the barrel of the pistol into his mouth so casually and without consideration as if it were something totally natural for him to do.  He took a deep breath, and squeezed the trigger, testing its sensitivity to see how far it could be moved before finally firing.  He tempted fate, playing his own twisted version of Russian roulette.  Goading the gun to fire on its own rather than face the accountability for making the decision himself.  Little by little, he put more and more pressure on the trigger.  Testing the limits of the gun's response.  


Ancient ruler of the Feral Vampire clan, and archenemy of Hunter.  He murdered Hunter's family centuries ago and infected him with the vampire curse.  Now, he is at war with the "Ascended" vampires and seeks the Brazen Serpent to enslave the human race.

    “I'm afraid that's not possible.  You see, Mica … well, she's with me now.  And your son,  … actually I ate 'em.”  Raum laughed.  "Now I'm going to peel the flesh from your bones."

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The Brazen Serpent​​



Born during the 18th Egyptian dynasty, she is now Queen and ruler of the Ascended vampires  --  those immortals  who have risen above their blood lust.  Her rule maintains a balance between the dark vampire world and mankind insuring their existence remains shrouded in mystery and the food supply secure. 

   " Our kind cannot hold a candle to the murder and pestilence that mankind has brought upon the world.  They are our natural prey, just as a lion feeds upon the gazelle.  There is no difference.  We are not evil for taking our rightful place in the nature order.”"

     Two years after the car accident that killed his wife and seven year old son, police officer Jesup Beal remains tormented by sorrow and unable to heal from the tragedy.  He feels his family's presence all around him as if they were still alive and only away for the moment.  His son’s bedroom is kept like a museum, the toys in perfect order, the clothes neatly folded; everything as it was the day of the accident, waiting for his son to return home.  Time has not healed Jesup’s grief, rather it has intensified it. 
     Each night,  Jesup sits alone in his empty apartment grieving.  He holds his pistol in his mouth, and squeezes the trigger little by little, testing how much pressure the gun can take without firing. Each night, he gets closer and closer to the trigger’s limit, but he cannot bring himself fire. 
     Rather than taking his own life, Jesup instead offers himself up to fate.  He walks the dark and dangerous streets of a city caught in the grips of a prolific serial killer.  Unarmed and defenseless, Jesup taunts destiny, daring it to do what he cannot do himself … pull the trigger.
     When destiny finally brings Jesup face to face with death, it is not the peaceful release he had sought.  Instead, the death he encounters is something much more sinister.  He is bitten by a vampire and cursed to be resurrected as one of the living dead  Condemned to remain in this world with his grief and forever separated from the family he loved, his only hope for redemption is to find an ancient artifact called the Brazen Serpent. 

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Resurrected as vampire during the reign of Louis XIV, she is a member of the ruling council for the Ascended Vampires and chief counsel to Queen Lamia.  Dressed in the high fashions of 17th century French Court, she is as deadly as she is regal. 

   "You fed on this mortal like a wild beast, no better than the ferals you hunt.   How dare you bring this abomination before us."


Born as a mortal, he is a living demon driven by hatred for God and His creation.  Descendant of Cain, he carries the curse of his ancient father, to live in darkness and to drink the blood of mankind.  

First father of the Vampire race.

     “Together joined, our blood will create a pestilence that will wipe mankind from the face of the earth.  We, and all who follow us will live forever.  We will rule the darkness and feed off the blood of mankind until they are no more.   God has cursed us with the very weapons we will use against Him.”

Timothy Swiney's

Award Winning Novel and Screenplay


Betrayer of Christ.  Cursed above all men to live forever with his guilt and sin. 

Second Father of the Vampire Race. 

     “You have reigned in this dark kingdom for more than 2000 years, yet you are no closer to fulfilling your evil purpose than the day your crawled out of the dark to taunt me.  Even in this victory, there lies the seed of your final destruction . . . He rises in the west and his power will rival your own”


Resurrected as a vampire a thousands years ago, Hunter is a cold and efficient killer machine.  He see himself as fiend, an abomination against God.  In order to survive immortality and finally extract his revenge on the one who made him, he has embraced his dark curse.

     “Do you really think someone like me, who has preyed upon the blood of the innocent, could actually walk in the daylight again among men?  Live happily ever after?  Do you think I could sleep one single night, and forget about the countless lives I have devoured?”