The Space Between Our Lives

Genre: Spiritual Drama

Status: Screenplay Available

Logline: After nearly drowning off the coast of Uruguay, Jake is grateful to find himself in the care of three odd sisters; but the more time he spends with his rescuers, the more he questions whether he survived the drowning. 

Old Glory

Genre: Comedy TV Pilot

Status: Screenplay Available  

Logline:  An elderly woman named Glory leads the shenanigans at a nursing home that includes an aging Southern Belle, a pretentious preacher's wife, a former judge and a retired drag queen.  

Parting  Gifts

Old  Glory

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Welcome to the creative world of Timothy Swiney, an award winning author and screenwriter.

Parting Gifts

Genre: LGBT Romance

Status: Screenplay Available

Logline:  After losing a potential fortune as contestants on a game show, a same-sex couple walk away with only parting gifts and a broken marriage.

The Between

Genre: Drama

Status: Screenplay Available

Logline: Base on the author's own true story, a legal battle ensues in Georgia when a bigoted lawyer and a conservative judge try to prevent the adoption of two small children by their same-sex foster parents. 

Baby, Mine

Genre: Thriller / Horror

Status: Screenplay Available.  Novel Coming February 2020 to Major Book Sellers

Logline:​ A mother-to-be shops online for a used baby stroller, but instead getting a great deal, Jennifer finds herself held captive by a deranged woman intent on stealing her unborn baby. 

The Between

Genre: Epic Fantasy

Status: Screenplay Available,  Novel Available at All Major Book Sellers

Logline: ​In a time when witches ruled the night, faeries danced within ancient stone circles, and all manner of mystical beasts roamed the forests, a young hero must face a host of strange creatures on his quest to destroy an evil witch. 

The Brazen Serpent

Genre: Contemporary Gothic Horror

Status: Screenplay Available,  Novel Available at All Major Book Sellers

Logline:​ Infected by a vampire and caught between two warring clans, a young police officer fights to reach the Brazen Serpent, an ancient artifact with the power to cure heal the vampire curse.